Monday, 22 May 2017

Jordan from Langley, Berks passes his driving test first time!

Our 100% driving test pass rate for May continues with another success - and it's another first time pass!!! Congratulations to Jordan from Langley who became a fully qualified driver this morning after taking a course of driving lessons with Clearway instructor, Peter Fearon!

Jordan from Langley in Berkshire passed his driving test first time with our driving school - Clearway Driver Training!
Here's what Peter said following Jordan's test: "Many congratulations to Jordan from Langley who passed his driving test in Uxbridge this morning at the first attempt. A couple of thankyous are in order. Firstly to the Kia Sportage driver who tailgated us and angrily kept pointing at his watch. This reminded us to remain calm and the importance of planning journeys better at busy times of the day. Secondly to the driving test candidate who failed to show up for their test this morning. There was only one driving examiner due to illness and two candidates. The "No show" enabled our test to go ahead. The driving examiner remarked "a very good drive." Well done Jordan it was a very well deserved pass."

All of us at Clearway Driver Training hope you enjoy all the fun and opportunities driving will bring you Jordan!

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