Monday, 12 January 2015

Driving Test Nerves

It's quite natural to be apprehensive about taking any form of test and the Practical driving test is no exception! Driving instructors regularly deal with customers who are very competent drivers, but nevertheless fail their driving tests because of nerves. 

It's a common problem which can have a significant knock-on effect in reduced confidence and increased apprehension and anxiety for affected learner drivers as their next driving test date approaches.

In order to help break what can turn into a vicious cycle of demoralising anxiety and expense, Clearway Driver Training's Louise Kirkpatrick has put together a web page full of comprehensive advice about coping with driving test nerves. She takes you through the process of identifying the exact cause of test day nerves and discusses ways of reducing anxiety either by self-help (the best way!) or via commercially available stress reducing products and services to calm you down.

Read her advice at: How To Overcome Driving Test Nerves

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